Angelic Quantum Spirals

The method that changes your life in seconds

The method is particularly suited for therapists and coaches, but also of course for individuals interested to transform their own lives and the ones of their loved ones!

The innovation of this method is that you can achieve changes in all the issues and problems that concern you within seconds.

How does this happen?

We should keep in mind that all the problems and blockages are derived from low vibration and negative situations such as negative thoughts, negative emotions, illnesses, negative karma, family – systemic blockages, negative collective subconscious and much more…

It is difficult to pull positive situations through a negative field (the Law of Attraction)

And in the words of Albert Einstein: No problem can be solved with the same level of consciousness that created the problem. We can not solve problems using the same thinking we used when we created them.

In ANGELIC QUANTUM SPIRALS method you will learn to work with “angelic spirals” containing high positive frequencies – vibrations and information from all the Angelic Orders, which are transported in the scope of the problem and create – within seconds – major positive changes that you can be confirmed with a specific way of measurement (that we will learn in the seminar).

The basic steps of the ANGELIC QUANTUM SPIRALS method are:

  1. I measure – in a specific way – the problem (if it is difficult, how much negative vibration it has, etc.)
  2. I use the tools that will be given to me in the Seminar (Cards with angelic spirals indicating the causes of problems, great guide: folder containing a lot of information and exercises for each topic etc).
  3. I send the corresponding energy of the angelic spiral in the field of the problem and wait a while for it to take effect.
  4. I check – in a specific way – if the issue is resolved. If not, I continue the process until the field has been cleared of any type of negative energy or information.

DVD (in German only)

The basic method
  • The basic kit contains: DVD & CD and cards.
  • This set is the base of the Angelic Quantum Method.
  • In this three-hour seminar, you learn important information and real stories about angels and the basic Angelic Quantum Spirals method. On the CD there is the manual that describes the method, many exercises and detailed explanation for each card.

Invite Miracles into your Life