Academy of Angel Healing

Academy of Angel Healing


1. Basic experiential angelic seminar

You learn everything you need to know about guardian angels, archangels and all the angelic orders.

  • How to get in touch with your guardian angel and how to communicate with him.
  • How to channel angels and receive messages and answers to questions.
  • How can they help in difficult cases?

A very lively seminar with many experiential exercises.

2. Angelic Quantum Spirals Level 1

Basic seminar on angelic quantum spirals. In this seminar you learn what are the real issues that create difficulties in your life and how you can easily and quickly be liberated from them.

3. Angelic Quantum Spirals Level 2

  • In this tutorial you learn how to unblock and activate your energy centers (Chakras) to improve your health and to better connect with the divine source.
  • How to clean the energy bodies of old energies and information in order to create a strong positive attraction field.
  • With Advanced Angelic Quantum Spirals will learn the specialized method using the energy cards:
    a) Way of life – recognize and clarify the problems.
    b) Partnership – are we a match? What unites us? What separates us?
    c) Physical symptoms – What does my body want to tell me? What should I know?
    d) How my angels can give a clear answer with a YES or NO to my questions.

4. Angelic Quantum Spirals Success

The ultimate success seminar. A three-day seminar that provides you the knowledge that you can quickly and easily attract:

  • all the people that need for your success: customers, colleagues, partners, funders, publishers, employers, managers etc.
  • how to materialize objects.
  • how to create ideal situations.
  • how to have creative ideas that will bring success and abundance to you or to others. And much more.

5. Ideal partner Seminar

In this seminar you learn the real causes that prevent you to have a happy partnership – love affair. How you can transform your current relationship in an ideal relationship. How to attract your soulmate and more.

Comprehensive studies in Angelic Therapies

The training includes the following:

  • Angelic energy psychology
  • Angelic counseling method
  • Energy physical therapies
  • Theory of systemic psychology
  • All the methods of individual systemic recreation
  • Therapeutic hypnosis – recursion
  • Kinesiology
  • Pendulum
  • Mismatch schemes
  • Correct attitude of the therapist
  • History taking – Questionnaires
  • Tutorial: genogram – viogram
  • Angelic Orders and Archangels
  • Channeling angels, energy body (aura) and chakra healing
  • Changing negative beliefs
  • Powerful Archangelic Meditations
  • Angelic crystal therapy, for the treatment of body, mind, soul
  • Angelic systemic cards
    World exclusive: You learn how to interpret them, in order to reveal the real cause of the problems and their solutions. Reveal the angels who are close to you and guide you to a new and higher roads.

Angelic Feng shui consultant training


Angelic Feng shui, differs in many ways to the Chinese, it helps to harmonically re-flow energy in your home or workplace, brings positive changes in your life: good luck, harmonious relationships with your loved ones and prosperity you can achieve with the application of simple space layout rules.

Energy site cleaning

Absolutely necessary when moving to a new place, because people who live in the area and the events occurring there, leave energy imprints and thought forms. So the space can maintain the information of negative emotions, such as anger, sadness, fear and negative events such as abuse, misery, poverty, death etc. ..