Mary Zapiti

I grew up and studied in Germany. My first degree was in Life & Success Coaching. Returning to Greece, I started my own business.

In a very difficult phase of my life, I experienced a dizzying metaphysical experience – that radically changed my life. Until that time, I had hardly any spiritual pursuits.

After that, I begun to study alternative therapies such as holistic herbal medicine, aromatherapy, electroacupuncture, etc., but soon psychotherapy won me over and so I continued studying:

  • Counseling psychotherapy – Institut für Psychotherapie Kassel.
  • Systemic recreation in Germany with Bert Hellinger himself.
  • Systemic recreation in the Greek Hellinger Institute (Dimitris Stavropoulos).
  • Professional and organizational recreation – Akademie Wiesloch with Gunthard Weber.
  • Individual recreation with Playmobil with Sieglinde Schneider.
  • Individual recreation through visualization by Ursula Franke.
  • Neuro-imaginitives Gestalten (Individual recreation with art therapy elements) with Eva Madelung and Barbara Innecken.
  • “Love Embrace” Therapy by Dr. Jirina Prekop (Festhaltetherapie in German) as a therapist and as a trainer. The training includes child psychology elements, trauma therapy, bonding etc. (See the Jirina Prekop Institute curriculum).
  • Solution focused therapy (SFT) by Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg.
  • Communication methods by Marshall Rosenberg and Thomas Gordon.
  • Psych – K (psychological kinesiology) by Robert Williams.
  • Therapeutic hypnosis – recursion.
  • Educational seminars in Gestalt therapy.
  • Studies in trauma therapy (Somatic Experiencing) by Peter Levine, with Larry Heller in Germany.

Almost all my studies in psychotherapeutic methods were in Germany.

After psychotherapy, my interest focused on the Quantum treatments – my education was mostly done in America:

  • Kam Yuen – Yuen Method.
  • Richard Bartlett – Martix Energetics.
  • Dr, Frank Kienslow – Quantum Entrainment.
  • Bruce Lipton.
  • Gregg Braden.

Academy of Angel Healing

Academy of Angel Healing
  • Comprehensive studies in Angelic Therapies
  • Seminars
  • Angelic Feng shui
  • Space Activation

Angelic Quantum Spirals

Angelic Quantum Spirals

The method that changes your life in seconds

The method is particularly suited for therapists and coaches, but also of course for individuals interested to transform their own lives and the ones of their loved ones!

The innovation of this method is that you can achieve changes in all the issues and problems that concern you within seconds.

Paradise on earth

Paradise on Earth

Create Heaven on Earth

NEW Online series based on knowledge of the Angelic Quantum Spirals method, in quantum and neuro-science.

Seminars – Webinars


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